Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hubs of Fury: A Great Success

And the start of a new weekly tradition it would seem.

HUBS OF FURY was perhaps the most creative and fun evening I've had since I've lived here, and I believe all the participants would agree. Ben, Arjun, Alex, Claire, Melissa, Donna, Kris, Alyssa, Carson, Zero, Kip and myself rode our bikes all around Baltimore in the dark and got pretty drunk. We started at J. Patrick's in Locust Point, where we were treated to an authentic Irish band. Donna called "time" and we rolled to our next destination, Idle Hour on Fort Ave. From here, the night went in a direction that even I could not have predicted.

We went to Hooters.

And it was terribly awkward. However, it was here that we started to perfect our story for the evening, that the four of us in cycling gear (Zero, Alex, Kip and me) were riding from Toronto to Miami to raise money for Kip's village through our organization, Hubs of Fury. The Hooters girl ate it up.

After Hooters we weaved through the Harbor to James Joyce, where we each did a Car Bomb. Our next stop was somewhere in Fells, and while riding down Lancaster St we saw a nondescript place called "BAR" and knew we had to go in. It was shitty, but amazing. Some guy was getting angry with me and Arjun because we were interrupting his terrible history lesson, while Arjun was telling him he was Native American (Leni Lenape).

Next up was my favorite wing place, Kisling's, where we met Laura, a 22 year old girl who works for some women's organization in DC. She told us about the color of our souls and chakras and stuff, while we told her our story about riding from Canada.

Finally it was time for Canton, and we made it to the Pickled Parrot, where we got more than a few people offering us money for our cause. We told them to go to the website. A bunch of shots later and we were off to our final destination: Claddagh's. Every good night ends with some dancing, and that's what we did. Then we got some pretzel-clad hot dogs and rolled back to the homestead.

It was an awesome night, we'll have to do it again soon and hopefully everyone can make it out next time. We'll work on getting some more bikes, we'll go to some other bars, we'll wear more spandex. Oh and before I forget, final classifications for jerseys:

Overall Champion: Donna, for her efforts. She wore flip-flops, looked very beachy and was riding a beach cruiser, and got really, really drunk and somehow made it home alright.

Sprint Champion: Ben kept winning the race to all the places, and was anxious to start drinking at each one.

KoM Champion: This one's tough, because we all did a great job telling lies, but I feel like I did a great job at keeping the stories slightly truthful and for that I award myself the KoM jersey.

Best Young Rider: Alyssa is technically the youngest so it goes to her by default.


Alyssa said...

Thanks to Ryan and Alex for organizing the fun. I think the fact that Carson actually considered taking up running so she could hang out with everyone proves the night was a great success. Anyway, I'll see everyone in 2 weeks when I am back from my sweet work trip to Buffalo.

THE KRIS said...

i should have the pix up tonight... there are some good ones.

///MM said...

Holy crap that was fun.

fbg said...

That's AWESOME. I'm jealous.