Thursday, July 17, 2008

Friday Run/O's Game/Saturday Carpool

First, Friday run will take place at 4:00pm this week to accommodate Justin. Hope to see you out there for an 11 mile jaunt.

Second, Orioles Magic is in town tomorrow night vs the Tigers. 7:05pm game, I'm planning on going if you want to meet up/go out afterwards. There are also fireworks according to Brennan.

Third, I have two responses for carpooling on Saturday, and I assume two others. With that in mind, I will drive myself, Chrissie, Alyssa, Arjun and Melissa (if those two would like) to the race. Perhaps Chrissie can get to my house, and then we'll just have to swing through SoBo on our way to the highway. If you want to carpool with us, you can be at my house at 5:45pm on Saturday eve.

Fourth, and I didn't include it in the long-winded title of the post, Sunday long run for those interested, at the Park. I think 9:00am is fair, I'd prefer not to go too much later as it's just too hot these days, and certainly no earlier with the late race the night before.


Arjun Majumdar said...

You can count us in for the carpool.

RM said...

To anyone who met at the Park at 4 today - I apologize, I got stuck out on the Eastern Shore of Delaware for work today, and just got back now. There was no way I would have made it to the Park on time. I called Justin (but his phone went straight to voicemail) and wasn't sure who else was even running. Anyway, see you all tomorrow.