Monday, July 28, 2008

2 Person, 10 Mile Relay

Saturday August 2nd:

Anyone interested in being Kip's partner in this great workout/race event? Each person runs a total of 5 miles, with the recovery being whatever amount of time the other runs a mile. So if you run with Kip it would be less than 5 minutes. I'd do it but I'll be out of town, and also I am slow. I'd like to see someone from TWSS aid in setting a record. From what Joel Brusewitz aka Hollywood (his new nickname, start using it) said, the record is pretty swift. I feel like we might need another pretty big gun to get it.

We'll discuss tomorrow at track. Be ready, 6-8x800, hard, 3min rest.


THE KRIS said...

what is the record?

whilst looking for it, i came across this article about arjun(whom, for some reason, they refer to as "longboat":

given the time he ran, i think arjun and kip should be able to easily set a new record.

Johnnie Cochran said...

Ughhh, running a marathon on a dirt, 9 lap track, indoors. That would suck. Anyway, great article. I am sure Messr. Longboat was quite the long-dong of running in his day.

kipchirchir said...

ANYONE????? It's a good workout. We dont need to worry about the record, we just need to run ... anyone?

The other Ryan said...

I think two of my friends still hold the record, Doug Stewart and Cory Smith? Cory was a sub 4min miler(1600) at Villanova and Doug was a sub 9min steeple chase guy at Towson. I will have to ask them if they have it and what it is.