Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Marine Corps Marathon - Free Entry!

Alright folks, Jim has alerted me of an amazing offer. He has five guaranteed entries into the (sold-out) Marine Corps Marathon. It is the week before NYC I believe, so somewhere around 10/26. Stipulations are that we have to have at least one female (or in the case of an all-female team, one male). This isn't a very competitive event, it is mostly for bragging rights. If you are interested, please send me a note indicating as such. I will then assemble the fastest five and alert you of your acceptance.

On a similar note, best of luck to Dave Ploskonka and Collin Anderson in their Old Dominion 100 mile event this weekend, OJ at the Bay Swim (go for the W!), Kip at Survivor (go for the W and CR!) and whomever else may be racing in highly epic events. This week's PDAW is going to be difficult to select.


THE KRIS said...

i'm looking to run a boston qualifier around that time, and i'm down with the free. it's not a big deal either way, i'll have plenty of choices.

good luck this weekend. try to keep in mind that whatever kind of week you are having, you aren't going to lose the ridiculous fitness you've got. under 17 for 5k, under 59 for 10m. get it done.


Travis said...

I'll take one of those spots. I really hope to be in shape by then.


RM said...

KRS-1 and Travicon have received two of the five slots. This team is shaping up to be great already. We just need to make sure we have one chica.

Casper said...

Too bad I am not fast :(

Johnnie Cochran said...

Too bad RM and I already dropped 155 bones each to race the week after!

RM said...

Too bad, but also I don't really ever want to run MCM. I've done it before, in college, as my long run. Did the first 20 miles. I know they've changed some of the course, the first 8 kind of sucked, then I liked the Georgetown part, then it actually got a little tough as you climbed behind the Capitol, then back down along the mall, and then it went out Haines Point.

In any event, it would appear as if Georgetown Running Company is going to enter a team, and they're sending some legit dudes. Not sure why they'd want to do that race, but whatever - this means the team competition will be ON.