Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Honorary PDAW

I am sure you guys have read about it, but I think it deserves mention here that German Fernandez is pretty much the next best thing in American Distance running. Any high-schooler who runs a 4:00.29 in the 1,600 is beyond good. Any high-schooler who runs 8:34.24 for 3,200 is epic. When you do them both in the same afternoon, you are, in the words of Rick Moranis: "ludicrous speed!"

So here's to you, speedy Gonzales.


Johnnie Cochran said...


My first LT run went great, I probably erred on the side of over exuberance but that is better than not feeling fit enough to run the pace you want.

2.5 mile warm up
4 miles tempo = 23:51
2.5 miles cool down

I think the hardest part about these workouts is keeping yourself honest and running within the LT zone, even if it means not running as fast as you think you should be. I might have started to get a little over-exerted at the end of this run and that is not the point of these sessions. I guess I will find out tomorrow on my 12 mile run if I pushed it to much.

RM said...

Nice work Jake!

I saw German Fernandez out at FLXC in December with Andy, I can't remember what place he got, and then he won the Juniors race at USAXC in February. He definitely doesn't look like a "runner" when you see him walking around, but kid has WHEELS. Super impressive, easily the best single day of racing by any high schooler ever.