Sunday, June 22, 2008

Baltimore Women's Classic

Our ladies certainly held it down today at the 5k. Thanks to Arjun I arrived a few minutes after everyone had finished, so that was nice, I didn't actually have to watch anybody run. Top 3 overall were Chrissie, Phebe and Eileen, who were all under the previous leading mark for our top 10 list. It also looks like Eileen out"leaned" 4th place. Denise was first Masters (and seriously I thought she was 35, not old enough to be a master yet). Diane, Dr. J and Orla swept their age group awards, running some amazing times, even more amazing since they're not distance runners!. Melissa had a tough day but was able to turn it into a positive afterwards by marketing herself. Cynthia took 40 seconds off her time from last year, running 23:45. It's great to see so many familiar faces at a race, especially when you don't have to run.

Yesterday at the inaugural Baltimore 10 Miler, newcomer Phil Turner and Spider battled it out for 1st and 2nd, respectively, while Alana picked up 2nd F overall. Matt Stanford ran a great race, snatching 15th and Ryan Schmidt, well, he ran 10 miles, that's enough of a prize for him.

It seems a little premature but it saves me from having to do it later, our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week could go to no other than Christine Ramsey for her amazing double. Friday night 5 miler where she gets 2nd, and then wins the race today.

As a reminder, we will be meeting at 5pm today at Patapsco for a 2 hour run. There will be options to run less if need be. Let's try and get there a few minutes early so we can be running by 5. If you happen to be late, we are going to do the Bull Run trail first, and that will put us back out on the path along the river around 40 minutes, so run backwards I guess to find us.

ALSO please respond via the comments section if you are able to volunteer on Saturday at DDH10k. It's another early morning, but even earlier and harder for Jim and he can't do it alone.

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I'm down to help Saturday.