Sunday, June 15, 2008

20 Weeks

What a week: Heat Waves, Eagleman, other spectacular performances by TWSS, ....... then there was me-- plodding along through my most difficult week yet in this strange and foreign country called Vermont. Seventy solitary miles in the wilderness. When I come down off the mount with a crazy ass beard and tablets....bitches better listen up!

Last Sunday was BRUTAL, maybe not McGrath style, by my 17 mile Sunday almost killed me. It was an unfathomable 88 degrees here and I suffered a long and heart breaking death stroll. Thank God this week was a more seasonal 72 and my 18 miles took less time than last week's shorter run. 2:10:14. About 7:15 pace average. I was satisfied with the effort.

Next week: Recovery Week

Mon: Recovery, 6 mi.
Tues: Regular running, 7 miles, 10 x 100 m strides
Wed: Medium Long Run, 12 mi.
Th: Recovery, 6 mi.
Fri: Medium Long Run, 1o mi.
Sat: Recovery, 6 mi
Sun: Long Run, 15 miles

Total: 62 miles

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