Monday, June 23, 2008

18 weeks

As Ryan pointed out in some newsletter, the time to truly prepare for your fall marathon is upon us. There are 18 weeks until NYC, and inly 16 weeks until Baltimore. For many of you all who have been racing or recovering, there were benefits to delaying your marathon preparation. But at this point, delay is probably going to start decreasing your chances of being prepared.

I have decided to run the Baltimore half this year as my tune-up for NYC. There are a couple reasons for me to pick such a strange race. First, the race falls on the calendar day actually designated as "tune-up race" in my training schedule, other good races such as Philly do not and I am too lazy to switch up the calendar. Second, the Baltimore race is hilly. I would rather get a good fitness test in than run a lightning fast course. I think this will help me develop a better sense of pace for the Marathon. Though New York is not known as a hard course, I ran there this past weekend and there are hills on the course, especially after mile 20.

Mon: Recovery, A.M. 6 mi. P.M. 4 mi.
Tues: 10 mi. W/ 4 mi. @ Lactate Threshold
Wed: Medium Long Run, 13 mi.
Th: Recovery, 6 mi.
Fri: Medium Long Run, 11 mi.
Sat: Recovery, 6 mi
Sun: Long Run, 18 miles

Total 74


RM said...

Jake, one question about this training plan: do you ever get a day off? Seems like you've been going every day. That's rough!

We did our own little 2 hour run last night at the park. Humid and very challenging. It was going well until some kid met up with us and Arjun and Ben lifted the tempo with 15 minutes to go. Put me in a deep hole. Then I put it deep into a hole, if you know what I mean.

You were in NY this weekend? Might not be a bad trip to take in the fall, go up and run on the course for a minute.

Johnnie Cochran said...

I looked into that the other day. No days off. Which seems weird, but honestly, the six mile days seem like off days now. My last day off was May 9th. I have had to cut some runs short however-- anytime I stop sweating, I stop running.

Travis said...

Like the posts. I'm with you in the marathon prep. Going to do Marine Corps and maybe Baltimore too. Not doing as many miles as yet but like to hear what your up to. Thanks, Travis