Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TNT #9

Longest workout to date, as some (but definitely not all) plowed through 3x2400m, or 3x1.5 miles. With the changing of seasons coming up, we'll be changing a little bit of our focus on the workout days. If you have a problem with any workouts, as always you have a few choices:

1) Provide to me a workout suggestion, I'll try and work it in

2) Most of you are "only" running, so find another day during the week to do a workout of your choice

As Melissa suggested in the post below ("Pass the Salt"), as summer has reared its head over the last two days, we all need to pay more attention to our nutrition, particularly in the water and salt departments. Heat acts as an appetite suppressant, so you also need to find a way to get in the necessary calories everyday. For me, this usually comes as a huge breakfast, then a smaller lunch, afternoon snack (plan accordingly, at least an hour before running so you're not running on a full tummy) and then a lighter dinner. Gatorade is also great for us.

After the next round of racing (the next three weekends, basically) we'll move to some more strength workouts, tempo type runs, longer stuff. Nobody is really doing any serious 5k or below races that I'm aware of until at least September, so speed isn't as necessary for Tuesdays. You're all pretty fast, and that extra second in a 200 pales in comparison to being strong and running faster over the course of an 8k or half marathon.

Keep in mind the races that are this weekend, next weekend and the weekend after, and for those of you who have expressed interest in coming out to watch my race next Sunday, June 8, I'll post some details later for your review. Right now all I know is that the race starts at 6:45 am, my wave will go off later than that, probably 7:30 or after. It is in Cambridge, MD, which is about 90 minutes away and right off of Route 50. I don't know what the parking situation is like down there, but it looks small and residential. Carpooling would probably be best, also at our current gas prices, it is always best. I'll be racing for over four hours, and unfortunately I will have to stay for awards to find out about qualifying slots. Unless something happens and I race poorly. After that I'm driving home (may need someone to stay with me to drive my car) and then going out to the Bay Cafe for the post-Eagleman/Survivor Harbor 7/Bay Swim party.

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