Monday, May 12, 2008


First, I have to ask: WTF is up with this weather?

We received a small break yesterday morning, enough to muddle through a long run in the Park. Ben, Jake, OJ, Travis and myself rolled out a minute or two prior to the start of the BRRC's trail race. We found ourselve running along much of their route. We did about 5 miles, finishing at the top, and then picked up Spider to continue on for another 11 miles.

In the race, Spider, who took a wrong turn early, made a strong comeback to notch another W, while Jeff took 3rd and Jim was just going for a run. On Saturday, Denise snatched her 4th victory of the year in the Blood Water Mission 10k up in the Valley.

This week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week, however, is being awarded to Jeff for his tenacity in the trail race yesterday. Very impressive run, since we were all there to witness it. Great job everyone!

The week ahead - tomorrow's planned workout (mostly selfish) is a 2 mile tempo followed by 6-4x800 @ 75sec with 90sec recovery. Wednesday I will NOT be running, but you have the 6pm Canton run or the 6:30 FRRS run. Friday at the Park, although I may avoid running in there this week. Friday night the O's are at home against the Nationals, 7:05, I'm planning on going.

A couple of things we need to get some opinions on, so post your thoughts in the comments section:

- We definitely want to start doing a team "meeting" (aka social get together) on a monthly basis, we should try and come to a conclusion on a day. My suggestions would be Monday night after FHR, Thursday evening or maybe Sunday evenings. If there are no objections, maybe we can look to this Sunday, May 18th, in the afternoon or evening. Any suggestions as to location? Let's look to some places we don't often frequent.

- We are going to build a map of Baltimore, and need to come up with unique names. The map is going to look like something out of LOTR. For instance, in Patapsco we have Bad Luck Gorge and Meadow of Gravitation, we need stuff like that. Submit suggestions for your neighborhoods or other areas to me.

- Training Trip. Keep this in your heads for early August in Vermont.

- Upcoming races: if there are races you want to do, always check their website for registration details. For instance, Army Ten opened and shut already. If there are races you want to post about or want me to post about, feel free to do so or let me know.

- We are going to organize some volunteer work for everyone to take part in. Probably involving cleaning up stuff somewhere.


THE KRIS said...

i'm thinking that the alley behind my house could be labeled "ye olde street where a-holes don't clean up their f'n trash". or something.

Terence aka LT said...

We could name the Hill leading up to Bonnie Ridge Mt. Kilimanjaro... I see Kip and Chrissie train on it all the time must be magical.

RM said...

HA! That's fantastic. Ben also added Prep School Paradise for Gilman area.