Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Heard Something Funny Today

While I was listening to my new favorite thing, satellite radio, I heard a story about a 7 year old kid who basically stole his grandmother's SUV and went for a joyride. When he was asked why he did it, he showed no remorse for his actions and said "cause it's fun to do bad things." The cops then asked, "you know you could have killed someone, right?" to which the kid replied, "yeah, I know. I just wanted to do some hoodrat stuff with my friends."

WOW. This is America, friends. The same kid was then picked up today at a WalMart after hitting his grandmother because she wouldn't buy him fried chicken.

Can't make this stuff up. What was funnier was hearing the responses of the guys on the radio. As you guessed, it was the hip-hop station on Sirius, and they allow cursing, which makes it even funnier.

In other news, I had myself a good little workout today, headed down to Columbia to finally test my TT bike on the course (didn't feel great), then went up to Gunpowder Falls and swam in whatever river that is, and then did a short little run.

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