Monday, May 19, 2008

Bike Jam This Saturday

You local amature cycling team, Kelly Benefit Strategies/Lateral Stress Velo, are putting on a BIG biking even at Patterson Park in Canton call BikeJam. This is a huge event with 2 recreational rides through Baltimore followed by 12 races on a short loop around Patterson Park featuring junior, masters, open and professional race divisions. If you've never seen a criterium (short-loop) bike race you have to check it out - raw high-speed excitement roaring by at 30 mph just a few feet in front of you. The Pros are out-of-this-world to watch.

Since this is a really big undertaking (much more than most clubs try an take on) we need as much help from the community as possible. To be frank we really need your help or a lot of us are going to be working 6 hours that day. We would gladly accept any help you are willing to provide but we especially need corner guards right now. This is EASY stuff. The shifts are just 1 hr long - the length of a race. If you were thinking about coming out to watch anyway all you would have to do is watch the race like you normally would - and make sure no children/dogs/cars run into the middle of the race. Easy as pie.

Again, the club would be tremendously grateful and I'll buy you a beer...with club money.

Here are a list of websites were you can get more information:

About the Event:
About Volunteering:
Email to Volunteer:
About the Club:

Can't wait to see you Saturday!

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