Monday, May 26, 2008

23 weeks until NYC

Thats right. Get ready for 22 more posts just like this one.

I will keep it short and sweet. My long run this week was really nice. I was in Maine for vacation and I used my handy route mapper to plan a decent run from our lodging. Here was the route.

Next week:

Monday: 6 Miles, Recovery
Tuesday: 8 Miles, Running + 10 x 100 strides
Wednesday: 11 Miles, Running
Thursday: 6 Miles, Recovery
Friday: 10 Miles, Running
Saturday: 6 Miles, Recovery
Sunday: 16 Miles, Long Run

Total: 63 Miles

FYI, My book tells me that recovery runs should be done as such--easy-peasy. General running (the 10 milers) and long runs should be done about 10-20 percent slower than your marathon pace. I am hoping that my marathon pace will be around 6:20's, so I try to run between 7:36 and 6:58 for my longer runs.

It will be a week until I do anything at marathon pace or faster, which is a nice way to ease into higher mileage. Next week I will 'splain what my book has to say about figuring out your lactate threshold.



RM said...

Sheeeiiit, 63 miles? That's got to be one of your longer weeks in a long time! Way to go Jake!

Johnnie Cochran said...

The program tops out at 93 miles/week about two months before the race. I can't wait.