Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This Week on My Blog

Hey All,

I've gotten bit by the blogging bug hard - totally redid my blog. I think the theme I'm going with is "Endurance Sports as a Lifestyle". I realized I'm in the loop with a lot of cool running, biking and triathlon stuff people are doing in a bunch of different cities. I'm trying to bring it all together and combine it with my own training and random stuff I find on the web.

Lots of stuff this week:

* Kanye West's new bike
* A Song of the week (I give this about 5 weeks)
* Ryan and I ride 96 miles and almost break up - decide to dress up as Hall & Oates Instead
* Why I love new runners

In the Next Few weeks:

* Race reports for Kelley Hess at Boston (3:15)
* Tank's Race Report from College Cycling Nationals
* Video Blogs from the Jelly Belly Pro Cycling team
* Rants against "Fat People as a Movement" (A phrase I'm trying to coin)
* Cheating at Boston?
* Anne Klosterman rides her bike across the country - in the winter.

Plus whatever cool stories you guys come up with. Check it out:



THE KRIS said...

nice. oh, and get a job.

RM said...

Need to include more about your love of chocolate milk, particularly its purchase and consumption from the Citgo station in Glen Rock, PA.