Friday, April 11, 2008

Races This Weekend

Just for you guys:

Orioles Advocates

Blue Jay 5k

Both races are on Sunday morning, rival races so to speak. Last year Joel Brusewitz ran 17:28 at Blue Jay and took 2nd, which earned him a $100 gift certificate to a restaurant. Collin finished 4th with an 18:24. Could be a good opportunity for some of you to place high without having to run too hard. Same goes for Orioles Advocates. I don't know what, if any, prizes are on the line, but I think T and Brennan may be there. Kris may do Blue Jay. I say spread it out and clean up shop!

For those looking to run longer or something, why don't you post a message on the board! I don't have any running plans really this weekend, tomorrow is an 80 mile ride and Sunday will probably be another 60, likely in Frederick. The 11 miler at the Park today will be my "long run" for the week.


Johnnie Cochran said...

Oh snap, I dream of running Oriole Advocates. Not only do I love the O's but I am an advocate in training.

How many people are running Broad St.? I am contemplating signing up.


RM said...

There are allegedly a few of us running Broad St: Terence, me, Kris, Sara Spears, Eve, Arjun (not running but going up I believe), maybe Matt Cornwell, maybe Joel Brusewitz, can't think of who else...