Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Party Patrol

As the new song asks, "where my party p-party party p-party people at?"

Here's the scenario: Arjun has a birthday. This day happens to be May 10th, which is awesome, because a) it's a Saturday and b) there really are no races that weekend that can preclude any of us from partying.

Second part of the scenario is that Spence just told us he's leaving. For the dub-C, aka the WC, aka the West Side, aka the Left Coast. Spence is going on to pursue a computer science master's at Stanford University (see also: smarter than most of us).

Third part is that we were discussing have monthly get-togethers anyway. We never really discussed what day of week, activity, place, etc, but here's what we're thinking:

Saturday May 10th, Cowboys vs Indian birthday party for Arjun/Good Luck Spence as you become a Cardinal. Put it on your calendar and commit. Do it. Don't be lame.

Please note that this is mostly selfish, because Spence said he won't be around the following weekend and possibly not Memorial Day, and then the first two weekends of June I have big events and I want to be at this party.

Also, good workout tonight. Bigger group than we've had, 2x3200m with 2:15 in between became pretty tough, especially after dropping a 5:30-5:28 on the first one. I personally came through the next mile in 5:47, then stopped for a lap, then picked back up 1200m. I was tired.

Finally, anyone up for a movie on Friday night? First Friday of May I ALWAYS go to the movies, usually to see the gay opening May weekend movie (Ironman) but would also be up for seeing something else.

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Johnnie Cochran said...


I ran 5:29, 5:29 = 10:59

Then I ran

5:32, 5:51 (!@$@#$) = 11:22

Mud Butt!