Sunday, April 6, 2008

My first post here, third race of the year 4 me

While I was googling my own name I stumpled across this blog that I remember I was a part of.
So after a pretty pathetic 2007 year for me where my best 5k was 18:11, I'm sort of getting back into it running a 17:18 at the Superbowl 5k then yesterdays performance of 17:26 at Ketchikan Alaska's Annual Sourdough Stampede. The Course has the potential to be a fast one since it is point to point and only has 2 real hills but the wind did not coroperate with us, as we had a stong headwind the entire way. I took the lead from the start and for a half mile had to battle the second place runner who ended up finishing about a minute behind me. splits were 5:25 5:50 5:36. I probably will only do one or two more races up here then in August I will transfer back to the east coast somewhere.


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