Thursday, April 17, 2008


My lawyer contacted me and feels I should probably re-word this post. Thanks 2L student James Marren.

This must NEVER happen again. We need to start competing in this race. I completely forgot about it. The Westminster Main Street Mile takes place basically the middle of April, on a Wednesday, ever year. It is point to point and MAD downhill (144 ft vertical drop over a mile).

Anyway, take a look at the overall results:

1. That guy that runs at the track at the same time we do, 4:24
6. One of his kids, 4:36
7. The girl who he forces to run marathons, 4:39 (and first female)

Now, after reading the write-up, you can't really hate what he does for the people he trains. However, he's still annoying. Apparently they were running "under the sponsorship of Falls Road Running Store." So they were wearing the singlets. Yay.


scotty doesn't know said...

most SHOCKING quote of the week:

in describing her weaknesses - from a post-race interview:
"i can't swim."
-brittney rooks

...should i be surprised? hehe

Johnnie Cochran said...
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RM said...

Yeah, she can't swim, no duh - she's... a girl

And you thought it was cause she's black.

You bunch of racists.

THE KRIS said...

speaking of being a racist (or half), is it racist of me to want to ask T why on a beautiful spring day, black people go to the park and sit in their cars? no, for real, 2/3 of the cars in dru hill park yesterday had people sitting in them. what's up?

Johnnie Cochran said...

Just doin' ma job.

Terence aka LT said...

Haha... Could be a number of things
1) Waiting for the sun to go down. We dont tan.
2) We love sitting in the car with the AC on, cus we can't use the AC at home.
3) Too many Kids outside, I couldn't hear my lady on the phone.