Monday, April 14, 2008

Case of the Mondays

My email today was chock full of good information, so I hope you read it, but if you didn't, here's the abridged version:

Oriole Advocates 5k - TWSS was repped well, with Chris Nowakowski winning, and Will, Sean and Terence taking the 7, 8 and 10 spots.

Blue Jay 5k - Apparently there were 35 total turns on this course, as it wound through the Hopkins campus. Ryan Orner took 3rd in another top ten time, 17:31, and Joel Brusewitz returned to racing with a 17:50 6th place effort.

This weekend is the Victim's Fund Run 5k, I think in Patterson Park. Also, if you haven't signed up for Pike's Peek (April 27), do that TODAY as rates go up tomorrow.

So I think we're going to give an honorary Purple Drink Award to Ryan Hall, who crushed it yesterday at the Flora London Marathon. Think about this, the guy has done 3 marathons and one half marathon. Here are his times (roughly, I can't remember exact numbers): 59:33 or something at the 2007 Houston Half Marathon, which is an American record; 2:08:xx debut at 2007 London; 2:09:04 to win the US Olympic trials in November; 2:06:17 for 5th place at 2008 London Marathon. If that doesn't exemplify what the Purple Drink Athlete is all about, I don't know what is. What's in store for the Beijing Olympics? GOLD.

Did you read Brennan's post below? Let him know if you're interested. We need to get him out of Owings Mills and into normalcy.

Also, I'm planning on going to the Orioles game on Wednesday night, 7:05. This means no running for me on Wednesday. I'm also planning on going Friday, 7:05, against the Yankees. Anyone who would like to attend, just let me know.

WEDNESDAY RUNS: Since Tuesday Night Track has started, I need to flip my Tuesday ride to Wednesday. This means, in general, I won't be able to make Wednesday runs for a while. My hope is that you will all continue to meet. As I mentioned in the email, there is a desire to have a run from the store, and I think it would allow some other people to make another group run during the week. I figure everyone who can make it can meet at the store and run into Robert E Lee, get a nice little trail run going. Will and Eric usually leave from the store at 7, upon close, so my recommendation would be a 7pm start, but since I won't be running it, it's not up to me! Post your thoughts in the comments section.

Also, the Wednesday run from Canton can still go on, as I figure more than a few (Prada, Sean, Matt A, Dave, Ben, maybe Arjun) would rather run in town. So 6pm can still continue, my suggestion would be to still meet at the Square, give a courtesy minute or two after 6, see if anyone shows up.

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Johnnie Cochran said...

Lets get back to reality RM.

The london marathon also happened to be the de facto Kenyan olympic trials, and. . .you guessed it, Ryan Hall failed to make the Olympics (for Kenya at least).

His time certainly merits a PDAW. Hall will contend in Beijing. But let's not count our gold medals before they're snatched.