Saturday, April 12, 2008


In addition to the London Marathon being tomorrow (see the post below), it is also Really Old Kris' really old birthday. I don't know what he's turning, maybe 83 or something. It's also Travicon's birthday. Two great people born on the same day, 100 years ago, and also the marathon? Can't get much better.

So I know some of you are contemplating racing in the a.m. (or 10 am for Blue Jay) and I'll be home from my ride hopefully around 2 - but I propose, if the birthday folks are able to, getting together perhaps sometime in the afternoon and celebrating all of our recent hard efforts.

Post in the comments section your thoughts, but if it's nice, maybe go down to Fells Point or something? Power Plant? Trav probably won't be able to go but if you want to come Travis we'd love to have you. Hopefully Kris can go too otherwise it will just be me staring at underage girls...

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