Tuesday, April 8, 2008

And the Winner is...

I like the idea of the poll for the PDAW, it adds a little flavor to the process. This week was filled with a number of worthy competitors, but in the end, despite the number of votes (I wish I could see who was voting for whom...), the PDAW committee decided to go against the grain and award RYAN SCHMIDT this week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week.

Reasons behind our selection:

Ryan was super psyched after the race. Usually if I don't do a race, or don't even go to one, I'll get a few calls afterwards letting me know how people did. Ryan was really excited about his race, and I always like to hear that. It's much more pleasant than the opposite.

Also, Ryan ran a great race. He hasn't run over 7 miles in months, so he went out smart, clicking off 6:40s through 6, before dropping to 6:00/mile for the remaining 4. The result was a sub 1:04 race.

So to our other nominees, don't worry, I have a feeling your time will come. Zero's got Boston coming up, and we all know how the PDAW favors marathon efforts, and I know of a few other races that will give Jake and Melissa their time to shine.

A side note - where WAS everybody tonight at practice?! You all missed a good one. It was me, Kris, Spider, Ben, Jeff, Joel Brusewitz, Arjun, Melissa, Diane, Chrissie and Denise.


THE KRIS said...

great job ryan, that's a pdaw well earned.

Johnnie Cochran said...

Here is a transcript of my concession speech, delviered from the steps of the Capital Dome in Montpelier VT.

"Good people of Vermont, it is with great regret that I must abandon my campaign for the Purple Drink Athlete of the Week (PDAW). Despite recieving a dispositive majority of the votes, the director of Team Thats What She Said has arbitrarily and capriciously changed the rules of competition.

Unfortunately, there is nothing more I can do than wait until a future date to prove my Purple Drink awesomeness. But I assure you--that could be any day soon. Maybe even as soon as Thursday evening, when I will not only run for some moderate amount of miles, but afterward I will also chop some firewood, boil maple sap, chug whiskey and make out with my hot, hot "girlfriend."

In closing I want to congratulate Mr. Schmidt on a great race and the even more commendable accomplishment of gaining permission to leave the house without Sarah. Thank you, God speed."

end speech

RM said...

Haha, thanks for being a good sport. Fortunately for the team, I usually know the weekends everyone is racing in a given year and can plan for awesome performances that are truly worthy of the PDAW. Since Schmitty probably won't do another race this whole year, I felt it was his only chance...