Friday, March 28, 2008

Who Loves Ya, Baby?

Seriously, how easy do I make it for you sometimes? Huh? I couldn't MAKE it any easier...

Here are links to the registration areas for some of the upcoming races we all have on our calendars.

Broad Street Ten Miler Sunday May 4

Pike's Peek 10k Sunday April 27

Survivor Harbor 7 Sunday June 8 (aww it's the same day as Eagleman, I'll have to miss you guys running)

Race For Our Kids 10k Sunday June 1

Rockville Twilight isn't up yet, and that's all I can think of for now (of course they're not in order). I'm doing Broad Street, and I'll probably sign up for Pike's Peek but since I'm racing the weekend before (tri) and the weekend after (10 miles) I may let that fall by the wayside. Also, Jim's race (Dreaded Druid Hills 10k) looks to be Saturday, June 28th, for those who don't do the race, we always volunteer and help out Jim where we can (usually in the form of a water stop).


THE KRIS said...

hey, how about if some of you sissies actually run dru hill this year? that's right, i'm calling you whipper-snappers out. damn kids.

Alex said...

I ran it with a hangover, and two bowls of bran flakes with whole milk in me. It was the most miserable race of my life I wanted to quit the whole time. The only thing that kept me going was that I had to chase down Anastasia once my cramps cleared up so I wouldn't get girled.


RM said...

Great new term: Girled.

I got girled today. This means I was beat by a girl.

THE KRIS said...

NOT getting girled is a knew experience for me, so i have little sympathy.