Monday, March 24, 2008

Outdoor Track Meets

The board's been a little quiet lately, so I'll get it poppin':

Saturday, March 29th

University of Maryland Invitational. I have an email out to the coach there to find out if we can race as unattached or not, and what kind of cost we're talking. For teams it's $250, so I would hope they would accommodate a former Terp. Go to the website and scroll down, look for Meet Information and Meet Schedule (PDF files). Let me know if you're interested and what you think you would run. I'll take care of the rest and see what we can do.

Also on Saturday is the Goucher Invitational. This is a lot closer and by my guess will be less competitive, which may be a good thing. Doesn't mean any of us would necessarily win any events, but we also shouldn't get blown out. Their coach, John Caslin, emailed me back and said that they are not sure yet whether they'll be allowing unattached athletes, as there are more teams coming this year than normal. I have to get back to him on Wednesday to find out. Stay tuned.

Saturday, April 12th

Lou Onesty/Milton G. Abramson Invitational, University of Virginia. This is a pretty big invite, I know that, and UVA isn't all that far away. I personally wouldn't race, because I'd get stomped (also I don't meet the suggested criteria), but I would be willing to support those who would like to race. Check out the website, lots of information, which I love. $25 per entry it looks like, they even give a list of suggested times. 1500m, 4:10; 5000m, 16:15. Arjun? Kip? Chris? Kyle? Anyone want to go?

Saturday, May 3rd

Delaware Open, University of Delaware. I planned on going to this meet because Broad Street is the next day. I figured we could drive up, watch the meet (my sister is running) or those who wish to compete can do so, then we can hit up Philly and do our race the next day. For those who wish to race in this meet, you do so at and it shows up. Arjun, I'm looking at you buddy. Anyone else? Also, don't forget to register for Broad Street.

Last Chance Invite, George Mason. A) most of us will be going to Philly the next day B) I hate going to Fairfax or wherever it's located and C) I don't think they'll let us in. I read their "open/unattached runners policy" and it seems like if they stick to qualifying standars, we're all SOL, even Kip. Need to have run a 14:11 or something ridic recently in the 5k.

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