Thursday, March 6, 2008

"Great Set of Wheels for Olympic Hopeful" - NYT



RM said...

“How come when we’re kids we want to be astronauts and firefighters and Indian chiefs, and then when we turn 20 years old we give up on our dreams?” Young said. “Dallas is a good example of a guy who’s still trying to be an astronaut.”

One question - who the F wants to be an Indian Chief?! Yes, I always dreamed of being lied to by white people, given disease-infested blankets and being force off my land and onto reservations where I would succumb to the effects of alcohol, and see high rates of suicide, and work for minimum wage at a casino.

Besides, in order to be an Indian chief you'd have to be Indian, so Arjun is the only one who could do it.

THE KRIS said...

arjun totally gets my vote for chief!

RM said...

Then it is settled, Arjun's new nickname is CHIEF. Kris, do you second this motion?

THE KRIS said...

hmmmm... i'm not sure i want to be responsible when arjun objects to this name (as he assuredly will do).