Thursday, January 17, 2008

Columbia 10 Mile Challenge

I sent out the email last night, but I'll make it super easy for you. Just click on the link below, it will bring you to the Howard County Striders webpage for the Club 10 Mile Challenge (Feb 24). All you have to do is click "online registration" and fill out the required information. The club password is FrrAD and it is case-sensitive. Registration is free, there are no excuses why you cannot be at this race!

Club 10 Mile Challenge

We'll figure out carpooling and logistics as we get closer. It is a hilly 10 mile course that is certainly not intended for PRs, but we, as a team, have an obligation to give the other local clubs a contest!

Oh and here's a little fuel for the fire, this is what they said about us "unraveling" in the 2006 race to allow HoCo get the overall win. In fairness, Jeff Rumbaugh competed for BRRC and Dave Berardi ran for HoCo (which he still may). We lost a few of the runners from that team, but we have a lot of awesomer runners so let's get it going!

Also, I know I post the other upcoming races on the right hand side of this message board, but I want to bring up a few that require a little more planning (i.e. registering early/making travel arrangements):

Shamrock 5k: Baltimore, Sunday 3/16, 1:15 pm. You can register online at It does actually fill up. I need to register myself.

Broad Street Run: Philly, Sunday 5/4, 8 am. 10 mile, point-to-point downhill race in Philadelphia. This will be similar to our trip for PDR, because we'll probably need to stay overnight somewhere as we have to pick up our stuff Saturday.

Rockville Twilight 8k: Rockville, Saturday 7/19, 8:45 pm. We won't have to register for a while, but it's never too early to start thinking about this midsummer race. Don't go on vacation that weekend!

Rock 'n Roll Half: Virginia Beach, Sunday 8/31, 7:45 am. Terence brought this up to me. It's in the distance, but it is held in VA Beach on Labor Day weekend. Flat and fast half marathon, and the best part is it's 60-40% girls to guys ratio! Really great event, and if you do this one and PDR 3 weeks later you get a special (heavy) medal.

Philly Distance Run: Philly, Sunday 9/21 7:45 am. Again, I'll be looking to head up there to try and have a better race than last year. Won't need to register for a while but it's good to keep the date in mind.


Travis said...

Hello, nobody asked but, because of injuries and also a trail race the day before I might or might not be at the ten mile challenge. Kim might run too, but we can sign up race day so there you go.

RM said...

Here is our team so far for the Challenge:

Anderson, Collin
Baptiste, Terence
Baudendistel, Mike
Bitok, Kipchirchir
Bosslet, Melissa
Brown, Emily
Gladfelter, Joel
Hieser, Diane
Ingram, Ben
Koshy, Jennifer
Lears, Claire
Majumdar, Arjun
Mashner, Michael
McGrath, Ryan
Ramsey, Christine
simms, kris
Stott, Thomas
Till, Kristen
Viana, Alex