Tuesday, September 18, 2007

TNT #22 - September 18, 2007

This day in history: Lance Armstrong was born 36 years ago.

This day in 2007: 6 people did the workout while 7 people watched. It was a first. Props to Jeff, Kris and Justin for absolutely destroying the workout! Mellow Mike put in a great effort, Doug did something on his own and my cousin Emily ran another PR in the 1600 en route to another superb workout. Meanwhile myself, LT, Skip, Chrissie, Diane, Jim and Barf just watched/ran around. It was great.

The workout was:

1600 (3:00)
2x800 (3:00, 2:00)
4x400 cutdown (1:00)

It proved difficult by the end, but I was really impressed with how fast you guys ran. Really impressed. 5:14/5:15 in the 1600, 2:31 and 2:29 in the respective 800s and all right around 70 in the quarters (except for Jeff's nasty 68 at the end). Really tough workout, even if it was shorter than we're used to.

A couple points to note: The Office is now on TBS on Tuesday nights at 10. It's phenomenal. Also, Bull Run Reunion Run, which will get its own post, is next Saturday, as is my birthday party. And finally, I need to start really pulling together at least 7 people for Club XC Nationals. If we don't get at least 5 we can't be a team. So mark your calendars and start letting me know if you're in. We'd probably look to rent a van, stay in a hotel on Friday, do the race Saturday and then drive home.

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