Thursday, September 20, 2007

Supported Long Run Saturday

This Saturday is the final supported long run of the season. Plan is 20 miles along the Baltimore race course, starting at 7 a.m. The meeting place is at Patterson Park, at Eastern and Linwood. Jim said to expect 200-300 people there potentially. That's nuts!

I will be at the park tomorrow (Friday) at 5 to run. Probably keeping it short again, maybe 5 or 6. I am racing on Sunday and need every muscular resource available to me. I went to the doctor yesterday and he confirmed only what I've been acting on the last 6 weeks - that my piriformis is inflamed and aggravating my sciatic nerve. It'll be 6 weeks of PT and working on the leg for me!

Also I went onto the website for next weekend's Bull Run race, and I'm getting mixed reports. Last year there was no charge to do the Reunion Race, but if you wanted a shirt it was $20. I read that somewhere again this year. The application states that the race is $20 and includes a t-shirt. So I really don't know what the deal is, we'll play it by ear but just so you're aware it may cost $20.

And finally thanks for the birthday shoutouts and to my cousin Emily for making a gangster meal for me last night.

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