Monday, August 6, 2007

8/6 - 8/12 Schedule

Looks like this is our 51st post, a new record, and we didn't even need steroids!

Just wanted to post the schedule for the week, so everyone knows what's up:

Monday: Fed Hill Runners
Tuesday: 8x1000m with 1:00 recovery, Gilman
Friday: Patapsco, usual run, 5 pm
Sunday: Patapsco, long run, 7 or 8 am.

After the rides I put in this weekend, my running week was a little behind where I normally like it to be, so I'm probably going to actually run 5 days this week (as opposed to the 3 or 4 I average). Sunday I want to do about 17 or 18, so if you're up for running it, and more importantly running early, let's get it on. You're all doing marathons this fall (well, most of you) so you have to do it anyway.


gladfelter said...

I suppose you found your way back from Frederick, seeing as you posted today. Was it 110 mile bike, or did OJ underestimate by 15 miles?

RM said...

It was just a couple miles short. I thought it was a 55 mile ride in Frederick and he thought it was 55 miles home. Wound up being 53 and 53. Really at that point who cared, it was HARD.