Sunday, July 1, 2007

Dreaded Druid Hills Report

Saturday was the Dreaded Druid Hills 10k, a race which certainly lives up to its name. Held within the confines of Druid Hill Park/Baltimore Zoo, the undulating course brings runners up and down some of the nastiest hills in the area. We had great representation both in the race and volunteering, and the weather cooperated for the most part - the humidity was higher than the temperature and it was cloudy.

Some of the performances included: Kris Simms at 6th place in a HUGE personal best time of 37:39, and I now owe him $2.23 for a side bet we made. Mellow Mike and Matt Adami ran well, and one of our newer members, David Shumway, ran a great race to finish just over 42 minutes. Mike Zero's getting back on track after a three week hiatus in India, and Cynthia ran a phenomenal race, nabbing 2nd place in her age group I believe. Thanks to the volunteers as well: Matt Augustin, Barf, Becky, Dr. J and Andy. It was tough getting up that early after the night most of us had, but it was worth it. And somehow Jim managed to run not only his own race, but a 5k XC race at Oregon Ridge at some point on Saturday - finishing 32nd in 20:39. Great job Flash!

Don't forget - tomorrow night, Monday, is the Baltimore Runner's Summer Social. I'm going to send an email out tomorrow about organizing a run, I may try and run prior to Fed Hill so that I can shower and go straight to eat at 7. Tuesday's workout is going to consist of 4 sets of 800-400-200, after last week's long workout we're going to try and pick up a little speed this week.

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