Tuesday, June 26, 2007

TNT #10 - June 26, 2007

This was both the longest workout we've done so far this year and probably the toughest conditions we've faced at the same time. Midday temps were in the mid 90s with a disgustingly high humidity. Apparently it rained up at Gilman, although by the look of the track you wouldn't have even guessed. We had a smaller group than normal tonight, just 11 of us, but it was 11 brave souls who faced the inaugural "High School Invite" theme night. The idea was to run every single event that runners would see in a high school invite. For the races with hurdles we just subtracted the hurdles. We even had a pretty good 4x400 relay at the end, with Team Lion (Ben, Terence, Jeff and Dave) taking the W over Team Puma (Joel, me, Jim and Kip).

3200 (400m jog recovery), 400 (1:30), 110 (1:45), 100 (1:30), 800 (2:00), 400 (2:20), 200 (2:20), 1600 (few minutes), 400 (as part of relay)

It was pretty sick, 4 1/2 miles of intervals was the most we got up to last year and it took until September I think to do it. Everyone handled it really well tonight. The idea was to run the 3200 at a comfortably hard tempo pace, approximately 10-20 seconds slower than 5k pace. The effect is that you're tired before you start the quicker intervals. Mixing up the distances was good so you're not just settling into one speed. The 1600 at the end was to see how tough you were and I'd say most of us wound up running about what we would have run for mile repeats. Gilman's track will now be referred to as Nairobi Downs, in honor of Kip.

My schedule for the rest of the week, feel free to join: Wednesday/Thursday - ride, Friday - run at 5 at Patapsco (if anyone is interested I may look to go a little longer, so 13 or something), Saturday - DREADED DRUID HILLS volunteering in the morning (look for an email from me tomorrow), Sunday - have to go to NJ, no run. I do plan on doing a longer run, possibly in the 16-18 range, likely early on Sunday, July 8th, at the park.

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