Sunday, June 3, 2007

Race Results + Tuesday Workout

Another successful weekend of racing for Team That's What She Said...

Saturday, June 2, Charles Village 5k

Kris Simms, 3rd, 18:07
Jim Adams, 14th, 20:23 (Mr. Consistent)

Sunday, June 3, Race For Our Kids 10k

Kipchirchir Bitok, 2nd, 31:19
Dave Berdan, 5th, 32:23
Rodney Timpson, 10th, 35:21
Phebe Ko, 1st F, 37:03
Terence Baptiste, 13th, 37:37
Joel Gladfelter, 17th, 38:12
Christine Ramsey, 3rd F, 38:31
Lee DiPietro, 4th F, 40:19
Kristen Till, 5th F, 41:12
Jan Cook, 27th, 42:32

Those are some pretty amazing results, and that 10k is not an easy course so great job there!

Hopefully the weather perks back up before Tuesday's workout:

4 x (1000-500)

As usual rest will be short, probably in the 90 seconds range after both repeats in the set. We are gradually building up to some longer distances, sooner or later we'll have to get to mile repeats!

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gladfelter said...

Kip had a great comment after receiving his $750 cash... "I'm Rich BITCH!!!"