Monday, June 4, 2007

Race Results Con't

Kip, here is the run down.

The race was 8 miles at about eight percent grade, rising 3,500 feet. There were no flat parts, just all uphill and brutal.

We started at 8:00am in pea soup fog. After about a mile, a group of five or six of us pulled away. Amongst the lead group was former olympic biathlete. After about three miles the olympian, and eventual winner, threw down a hideous surge and cracked the group. I managed to hang on for a while but eventually fell way behind the leader and another kid who just graduated from Plattsburgh. I finished 3rd, not too bad considering the two infront of me were a former olympian and a college kid who ran 30:54 for 10k a few months ago. I was simply happy to finish. After four miles we climbed above the clouds and I could see the peak, it looked like Castlevania up in the heavens. I wanted to cry. Hardest damn thing I ever have done.

You can check out the race info at
Elf should do the bike race, it is on June 16th. Freakin' nasty



kipchirchir said...

Man, I can only imagine. I dont know how long I would run on such a course without giving up. Knowing that you have 8 miles of constant up-hill ...

Hands down Jake, thats an accomplishment and definitely an awesome training for you right there.
Yea, I think Ryan should do the bike race.

The place looks gorgeous. I would love to visit there.

RM said...

I don't think I could do the bike race! Actually I would have to swap out my cassette, my current configuration would have me out of gears within a mile. It would almost be prudent to ride a mountain bike!