Saturday, June 23, 2007

OK this is serious,

Who would have any interest in going to St. John and running a 8 mile hill race in Feb. I did this last year and placed fourth overall and first in age group. And you know how slow I can be. The point is that the same guy has won for the last five years and he has gotten very cocky. There would be nothing in the world better then training for this race Dec and Jan. and then taking a trip to were it is 85 degrees and sunny, and kicking this guys ass as a bonus. Better still if we had five or so, guys and girls, wearing Baltimore shirts all lined up to start this race. Last year,
First place was $300.00 plus $100 gift cert. to a restraunt. First in age group was $100.00 to a restraunt. Etc...
Airfare is most likely around $300-$400 and there are real nice camp grounds at 25 bucks a night to $500 a night hotel rooms. That only leaves food and stuff.
At least check out the website. Kim says I can go!!

Rock on people!

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RM said...

I will give this a serious consideration. It would be a great little destination race, and if the flights aren't too bad I will certainly do my best to make it. I just don't want to commit to it for a few months.